Monday, March 24, 2008


OK so lately I have had to enjoy flying a few different times. OK actually I cannot say I enjoy it. So I decided to put a few things on here to give people some information about what should not happen.

1. To the lady with the $800 Louis Vitton backpack/purse. When there are 150 seats of which only half of them are taken...Sitting next to the family of four and asking them to remove their kids diaper bag from the seat so you can sit down...How much ruder could you get..How bout you skip your happy but down about five seats and sit there...You know ...the place that has no one else sitting there and it would not involve the mom having to put the kid down on the floor in order to move everything for YOU to sit down to enjoy your burrito.

2. To the husband and wife (I only say that as they both had rings on their left is possible that they were cheating I don’t really know) When you are in public it is common courtesy to not sit there rubbing all over eachother and sticking your hands up eachothers shirts and down eachothers pants. It is not appropriate for the children in the area nor do I want to see it.

3. To the parents who’s toddler keeps screaming....Seriously...I understand you do not want to hear it...but for those of us that are sitting around you...we want to hear it even less..Doctors will prescribe something for kids that fly...Or you can give them Benadryl or something else. But please do not make everyone around you suffer. It’s not fair to anyone that has to sit on the plane for the next four hours.

4. To the stewardess...When someone asks you for a seat belt not make a big scene...Just say yes...retrieve it and discreetly hand it over. The woman next to me was embarrassed enough about asking for one...the haughty attitude and rude way you yanked it out of the overhead and practically threw it at her is just screwed up. I was tempted to ask for one as the seat belt was snug..however after watching the horror on the poor woman’s face next to me...I restrained myself and just said forget it.

5. To the guy in the business suit. I am sorry that you have to fly with us lower class people. But making us get up twice so that you could retrieve crap out of your carry on and then you proceed to put your headphones on while you work on your laptop and ignore the stewardess when she asks if you would like a drink..and when you finally notice that I have a drink don’t give ME and attitude because you did not pay any attention when they came by TWICE already. Then you poke at the call button rudely insinuating that they ignored you on purpose because they are bitches... That makes you look like an idiot and a jerk. I hope that the suit that you spilled the hot sauce packet on never gets clean..You big JERK.

6. To the people standing in line waiting to check in... Don’t let your kids run off and then expect everyone to jump out of the way because you can’t keep track of them. Heck they make leashes for parents like you because you cannot be a good enough parent to pay attention to what is going on. your kids are more important than your friend that you are blabbin on the cell phone with. Shut it attention to whats going on around you and the line you are in.

7. To the stupid college students running off for spring break.... Running around in shorts and a t-shirt and getting pissed off because it’s cold in Cincinnati...your an idiot. You should of dressed for the location you are going too. Who’s fault is it that your an idiot. Did your mommy and daddy not teach you how to dress appropriately?

8. The idiot on the cell phone. When the plane lands and we are taxing to the’s fine to check messages etc...but as we wait the 20 or so minutes for people to file off the plane ahead of us...I do not want to hear about your dinner plans. I do not want to hear about your mothers galbladder surgery or the fact that Timmy Jr got caught jacking off in the boys locker room. No one on the plane wanted to know..but you said it loud enough for everyone to hear about it.. far i’m done.......I might think of more..

Saturday, March 01, 2008

New Job

OK- I'm running a little late in regards to getting this information to everyone. Here are a few interesting points of information.

1. I recently quit my job
2. I got a new one
3. I am in Ohio for five and a half weeks for my new job.
4. I miss the hell out of my family I cannot believe how insane this is that I am this far away and they are all home without me.
5. I quit going to school because I was so busy that I could not cope. With my new job

Clean House

OK so I am watching a show called Clean House. It is amazing how dirty peoples houses are and then they expect someone to come in and clean their house for them and then you come in after that and you see what they have done to your house and you bitch and moan about it. are complaining that someone is coming in and cleaning up your apartment or home and not doing it the way you wanted it. Well that's your own fault. You should have done it the way you wanted it. it's your own fault. It just drives me nuts. People need to quit hoping that someone else will bail your ass out. Work your ass off and clean it up and deal with your life. For Christs sake to