Sunday, July 03, 2011

Missions Trip for the Teenagers

A little over a week ago we dropped off our two oldest children at our Church. They were leaving to Yakima Washington to minister and help the Yakima Indians. We thought this would be a great trip for our children. Help them learn that those less fortunate deserved to have help. My son came back with a great understanding and a letter from one of the teachers as to my son's gift with children. And how they hope one day he will take hold of that gift and give back. (I'm thinking a youth minister one day? Hopefully) My daughter came back gabbing and gabbing about how great the trip was and a letter saying that if she would stop talking she could be great at details and such. I already knew this about her.

But then my son told on his sister, There were boys and girls both, segregated for bedtime however my daughter decided to act like the adult she is she is only 13 and yet in a 17 year old girls body. She had her first kiss...and her second...and her third...all the while supposedly under the watchful supervision of the Pastor of our church and the youth pastor and one other member of our church. The kids were given free time and they utilized that free time in ways I wish were not allowed. I'm saddened that my daughter did not use the talks we had a million times and the knowledge she has about what is right and wrong and instead decided to indulge in behavior way beyond her years. But at the same time I struggle to decide what I should do about this. I have an email written to the boys' mom (the boys are a set of Triplets that are 16 years old!)but I hesitate to send it. The boys should know better. Just as my daughter does. One of the boys was told by the female teacher how inappropriate it was for a 16 year old boy to be a boyfriend of a 13 year old girl. I'm glad she intervened when she knew something was up. But I still sit here anxious and sad. If I am not supposed to keep them home and never let them out of my am I supposed to keep them safe when they won't even heed the warnings we have tried and tried to instill in them. This is definately going to prompt a lot more "talks" about right and wrong. And a whole lot more praying on my part that my children do what God has written and keep pure....