Monday, September 10, 2012

Hell called Diabetes

Long before this hell we call Diabetes I never held my daughter down to pour sugar down her throat. Although many people believe that is how our children have become diabetic. I never had to hold her down and force her to drink juice. It was never a matter of forcing her to eat food to bring her blood sugar up. Long ago I was able to just let her throw her fit and eventually she would eat...we
ll because all kids do! I don't have the luxury of just saying...big deal she will eat when she get's hungry, because as the mother of a diabetic we don't get that option anymore. Waiting it out means the possibility of a low and life threatening blood sugar. It sucks so bad that we need a cure so bad. I hate this disease. I hate the fact that my teenage daughter and son have had to grow up in the last year and a half learning how to help hold down her sister. Learned to run to grab a cup of juice in an emergency, even having to find the red box of Glucagon once. It sucks...very much...

And every day we struggle to lengths no one else but another parent of a diabetic understands.  

Every day I wake up and hold my breath until I reach my daughter. Praying that she is breathing.  And when she takes the breath...I nearly want to cry.  God is good to us.  But at the same time...I need to have more faith that I can do this.