Saturday, March 18, 2006

Why O' Why O'

OK so it's Saturday and i'm sitting at work and I cannot BREATH!!!! whatever happened to moving to arizona so you can breath? My allergies have been horrible and just plain sucked. I feel stuffy and people at work are laughing at me. and Puffs with lotion are my best friend.

So an update...Since I last reported my car getting hit....I now have a new's an 05 PT Cruiser.....Pictures to come later....

It's the touring's beautiful and it's mine....what can I's purple lol

Anyways...other news my apartment recently got rained on...and thus rain then poured thru the leaky roof....causing damage to my apartment and many of it's contents..and here it is a week later...and they have not come to fix it. sucks..But in another month I will be moving into a house so it will make me so happy to get out of apartment living