Thursday, September 24, 2009

7 Months already

Dearest Sarh,
Today you turned 7 months old. I am amazed. You are the sweetest little princess. You are almost always happy and you love attention. Today we went to lunch with Aunt Liz and you giggled and laughed at the waitress but the second I walked away to go to the bathroom you cried. You know who I am and you hate whenI leave. You drive your daddy nuts with your crying...Maybe thats because I know exactly what you want almost every time you cry. He's clueless LOL. You are trying to hard to move around but would rather just roll wherever you want to be instead of trying to do that pesky crawling stuff. You love food. Today you had avacado for the first time. It was not a favorite however banana's, apples, and pea's all make you happy as well as a few of the mixed rice cereal/apples and things like that are your favorites as well. You will barely tolerate carrots and green beans..but eat them..just noth appily. You smile at everything you love your sister and brother.
You steal my heart, I love it. you always love to see me and when I get home from work the first thing I want to do is pick you up and hold you and snuggle with you. I love giving you a bath because you love to splash and laugh and play. I laugh every time I try to wash your hair when you start blowing bubbles in the water.
I'm sad that my baby girl is not the teeny tiny princess you were before, your becoming my little baby who will soon be my toddler..and before I know it you will be my teenager. Wow i'm scared!
I love you baby girl. Happy 7 month birthday

Thursday, September 17, 2009


So for the last six months my life has been a total change. I love it. Sarah has been great, she is teh most awesome little princess in the entire world. I could not imagine my life without her. She is on #2 foods and tonight gave me the scare of my life when she was eating a puff thingie and one got caught in her throat. I know that they dissolve with water but I still freaked the hell out and yanked her out of the high chair and swept the food out of her mouth instantly. she gagged and threw up a little bit but OMG I was like half a second away from calling 911~! My husband yelled at me for not watching her. Hell how much closer to her could I be since I was sitting right next to her. It just irritates me that I am the only one that ever pays any attention, i'm the only one that takes care of her 99% of the time and yet he has the audacity to tell me I wasn't watching her For Christs sakes i'm the only one that does. Grr..