Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Can never forget...The first time I gave my 2 year old a shot

I will never forget... It's only been 7 months. I remember the day as if it was yesterday. I remember the nurse, his name was Chris coming into the room and telling me her Sugar was @ 287 and we needed to "correct" her. I still hate that's like there's something wrong with my daughter. I was holding my daughter in my arms while we slept together on the tiny hospital bed. Her tiny body hooked up to an IV and the nurse walked me through figuring out the right dose. He handed me the insulin syringe and told me that I need to just pinch up her skin on her leg and push it in like a dart. I started crying. Chris sat down next to me, my husband was asleep in the couch/bed next to us not knowing the pain I was going through. As Chris guided me through giving my daughter the first shot of hundreds I have had to give her I cried. I am crying now thinking of it. How her body tensed up even in her sleep, not knowing what her mommy was doing. Hours later as she went low at 4am. I tried to rouse her to drink the 15carbs worth of juice and I cried again as she asked me to let her please sleep. Luckily she was able to drink in her sleep. And as I held her that night and the 2 nights after that we stayed in the hospital. All I could do is pray. Pray that my baby would one day see a cure. Now 9 months later. I'm praying for a pump, knowing that a cure may possibly ...maybe come in her lifetime...

Friday, October 07, 2011

Ups..and Downs...

In the last few months we are getting into more of a status quo. It's so frustrating though because Sarah's levels will be good for a few weeks..and then we have to send over the numbers to the Endocrinologist and get it reviewed to have her levels changed. It's so frustrating. I want my princess to have better levels and things like that. I think I'd really like to get her on a pump and a cgm however hubby is totally not into that. he thinks that Sarah will have to slow down and might get caught on the tubing and such. I'm honestly not sure what will happen. I've been praying out it. God will lead us in the right direction I know.

My two oldest kiddos Jeffery 14 and Ashley 13 had parent teacher conferences today. Ashley did splendid and got all A's and a C in math. (WOOT WOOT Go Baby!!) and Jeffery did ok. He did get an F and a D, he know's the consequences of those grades however. I just hope the kiddos realize high school starts next year and if they keep messing around, they will be in a world of hurt.

I'm trying to find a beautiful piece of Jewelry for Sarah. I hate the huge charm she has to wear right now because it was cheap and quickly delivered. I hope somewhere someone has a beautiful piece of jewelry suitable for a 2 year old. Who ever thought..Hey I want to buy my 2 year old a piece of medical alert Jewelry. I want to buy a pair of low cost diamond earrings or sapphires...not a medic alert necklace (she won't wear a bracelet) Ideally I would love to buy her a cross necklace that doubles as a medical alert necklace as she loves my cross necklace that I have been wearing. Now to get back to searching for the right thing for our Princess.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Facts on Diabetes

Every 36 minutes a child in the United States is diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

What is Type 1 Diabetes?
Type 1 diabetes occurs when the body's immune system attacks and destroys cells in the pancreas. Beta cells normally produce insulin, a hormone that helps the body move the glucose contained in food into cells throughout the body, which use it for energy. But when the beta cells are destroyed, no insulin can be produced, and the glucose stays in the blood instead, where it can cause serious damage to all the organ systems of the body.

Frequently Asked Questions about Type 1 Diabetes
Can children with Type 1 Diabetes grow out of the disease?
Nope... not unless a cure is found

What’s the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes?
Type 1 is an autoimmune disorder in which a person’s pancreas stops producing insulin. There is no cure for type 1.

Type 2 is a metabolic disorder in which a person’s body produces insulin, but is unable to use it effectively. Often times it can be controlled through diet and exercise.

What causes type 1 diabetes?
The causes are not entirely understood, but scientists believe both genetic factors and environmental triggers are involved.

What are the warning signs of type 1 diabetes?
•Extreme thirst
•Frequent urination
•Sudden weight loss for no reason
•Increased appetite
•Changes in vision
•Sweet odor on breath

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Sarah has recently had a lot of high's and lows. THis is indicative of the honeymoon phase of diabetes. This sucks. I'm so frustrated on the ups and downs and love the in betweens though! :).
Sarahis so good about the medications and pokes and sticks. We don't test her in the middle of the night yet however we are going to be possibly doing that since we find her to be so high lately.
If we don't continue to watch her very closely who know's what will happen.

Our two oldest kids continue to learn however the hubby and I have not had much of a chance lately to go out just us. I kind of miss it but at the same time I would be willing to give up date nights to make sure my baby girl is healthy. I'm pretty lucky that my twin sister is willing to learn to help so she will be taking a class on diabetes and how to administer her medication and everything. This is doubly important with my husbands health since we never know if he will ever need to go into the hospital. We don't want to have to just leave him alone in there because I have to take care of the baby. And if he's in the hospital I can't work unless she is able to help take care of Sarah.
I'm trying not to let diabetes take over our life however, in a way...we have no choice. Our lives are caught up in test strips, carbohydrates, exercise, and testing as well as shots...and it sucks. But Sarah is our miracle...The one I was told I should never ever be able to have because I wasn't supposed to be able to get pregnant.

I am so blessed. Three children...two of my heart. One of my womb and three joy's of my life.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Missions Trip for the Teenagers

A little over a week ago we dropped off our two oldest children at our Church. They were leaving to Yakima Washington to minister and help the Yakima Indians. We thought this would be a great trip for our children. Help them learn that those less fortunate deserved to have help. My son came back with a great understanding and a letter from one of the teachers as to my son's gift with children. And how they hope one day he will take hold of that gift and give back. (I'm thinking a youth minister one day? Hopefully) My daughter came back gabbing and gabbing about how great the trip was and a letter saying that if she would stop talking she could be great at details and such. I already knew this about her.

But then my son told on his sister, There were boys and girls both, segregated for bedtime however my daughter decided to act like the adult she is she is only 13 and yet in a 17 year old girls body. She had her first kiss...and her second...and her third...all the while supposedly under the watchful supervision of the Pastor of our church and the youth pastor and one other member of our church. The kids were given free time and they utilized that free time in ways I wish were not allowed. I'm saddened that my daughter did not use the talks we had a million times and the knowledge she has about what is right and wrong and instead decided to indulge in behavior way beyond her years. But at the same time I struggle to decide what I should do about this. I have an email written to the boys' mom (the boys are a set of Triplets that are 16 years old!)but I hesitate to send it. The boys should know better. Just as my daughter does. One of the boys was told by the female teacher how inappropriate it was for a 16 year old boy to be a boyfriend of a 13 year old girl. I'm glad she intervened when she knew something was up. But I still sit here anxious and sad. If I am not supposed to keep them home and never let them out of my am I supposed to keep them safe when they won't even heed the warnings we have tried and tried to instill in them. This is definately going to prompt a lot more "talks" about right and wrong. And a whole lot more praying on my part that my children do what God has written and keep pure....

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Dread...But a rebirth

Three months ago started a new journey in our lives. My daughter Sarah started drinking a lot, and having huge overfilled diapers. On top of that was a constant diaper rash. Constant requests for more juice/water/milk/soda (her idea of soda is about 4tbsp of soda to 1 cup of water). But Sarah was still lethargic a lot. Didn't want to go outside nor did she want to just be a little girl. Most of her days were spent in my bed, watching TV. Eating a little...But mostly..sleeping and drinking.
Finally I could deal with it no longer. She had been in and out of the doctors office for the diaper rash as it was horrible, and each time he would say to use the cream and it would get a little better, until we stopped the cream and then it got bad again.

I put all the symptoms together..hit up Google and found what I wish was better news. The first website I came across said it was likely to be diabetes. Finally I went into her pediatrician requesting to be tested for diabetes. He gave me "the look" you know the look. The one that tells you that you've spent a little too much time Googling and to please let the doctor do what he knows. Yeah well they call it practicing for a reason!!!
The doctor rejected my initial request for a test.  Seriously... they told me that they couldn't test her unless she had not eaten for at least 8 hours.  It had been 3 since she had eaten/drank anything so why couldn't they?  The doctor said if I was REALLY that concerned I could come back the following Wednesday.  I made the appointment for 9 am.  My oldest daughter, then 13 at the time came with me.  We went in fully thinking. FINALLY they are going to test her and see that I am wrong...but something is wrong otherwise...right?  Because no one WANTS Diabetes...  I just wanted my poor daughter to act like a normal crazy 2 year old. Instead of the lethargic, always tired, never playing child that I had for the last 2-4 months. 

Wednesday came, I took Sarah and Ashley into the room.  They sent us to just a small room that isn't even where a doctor normally comes.  They pricked her toe...  her blood sugar registered...It was 189..  I thought... That's not real high right.  The nurse instantly looks at me and asks... You are sure that you didn't give her anything to eat or drink.  I gave her an incredulous look and said... can you see she is still asleep???  No she's not had anything.  The nurse runs out of the room.  Minutes later she comes back and tells us to go to room 2.  We trudge on over and about ten minutes later get told...  The doctor wants to see you downstairs (what I didn't know is that the Nurse Practitioners are upstairs on floor 2, the doctors are only on the first floor)  So we trudge down there.   We go to sign in and the young girl looks at me almost with tears in her eye's and immediately takes me back to the doctors rooms.  Minutes later the doctor walks in...  Does not look me in the eye and says that he wants us to rush Sarah home, get clothes for 3 or 4 days and go straight to PCH. 

Finally we got our diagnosis...and instantly we were shoved into the hands of the capable staff at Phoenix Children's Hospital. This hospital is truly a gift. The nurses were all incredibly caring. Showing us how to give our baby girl the best chance at growing up normal all the while still caring for her. Sarah was loved by each person she was cared for by. My two teenagers were invited to play and have fun with Sarah and it was overall a great stay. Although we struggled with numbers for a little while it's getting better.

We have now been out of the hospital for a week and a half, Sarah is now willing to give you the finger she wants you to poke to check her sugars. She is thriving. One night around 9:30pm I was trying to wind her down for bedtime when she was not having it. She was jumping all around, laughing and playing and being a crazy 2 year old. I thought..Oh no..her sugar must be off. I tested her blood and she was perfect. Then I had to think for a minute...oh wait..this is what a NORMAL 2 year old with good blood sugars should be like.

We are adjusting to a new normal. Instead of a 2 second check to make sure we have diapers and wipes and a cup in a bag for a trip to the store or the mall, we now have to pack snacks and water and a blood monitor. Don't forget the insulin and emergency sugar(for her its a juice box). Make sure we have enough alcohol wipes and cotton balls, Syringes and band-aids. The actual prep to just leave the house now takes 15 minutes. Luckily my teenagers are the greatest. They know all the things she can have and help to pack her up every time we leave. I honestly think my husband and I are going to truly miss the teenagers when they go back to school in the fall. I don't know how single parents do this type of thing without the help and support of a true family.

In all the diagnosis hasn't changed anything...well except our budget, holy cow are diabetic supplies expensive as heck! We are still going on vacation next month although we are probably going to end up paying for additional bags now with all the stuff she will need. But I have my baby back. My hyper, mommy loving, playing little rug rat. She's loving her daddy and running and jumping and asking to go swimming and to the park. What more could a mom as for!!

Monday, February 28, 2011


It's been an amazing year.
My baby girl has gone from a barely walking toddling little princess to a full fledged toddler. She's running and hopping and jumping and giggling and cuddling and being a princess. She loves all things Curious George and Calliou. She talks and we are weaning her off the paci little by little. I'm amazed at her growth.

Add to all of the above, my two older children are officially mine. They became mine on 1/11/11 in a courthouse in Phoenix. They are officially mine. The day I received their birth certificates where the mom's name now stated mine, I cried. I love every minute of being a mom to those two kids. Granted they drive me nuts. Oh wow do they ever!!

Dennis and I are planning a family trip to New York in July. I can't wait to get to see the light in my children's eye's when they get to see the statue of Liberty. When we get to take them to see where our ancestors came through. And then the petting zoo at Central Park and a million other things we have planned in two weeks that we will be there.

God Thank you for my life and everything you have given me. My life is Blessed!