Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Honesty Quiz...

Current mood: complacent

1. Honestly, where are you now? Sitting on my couch in my living room
2. Honestly, have you ever failed a subject in high school? No. I did quite well.
3. Honestly, whats on your mind?If I told you I would have to kill you Actually Honesty i'm wondering about this guy who I went out with last week. Whether he's ever going to call me again...
4. Honestly, what is it that you really should be doing right now? Putting the clean sheets on my bed..
5. Honestly, have you brushed your teeth today?Yes...Yes I did...
6. Honestly, who are your best friends in the world? My friend Lynder in Texas and my twin sister Elizabeth
7. Honestly, who is the hottest person you know? Hmm....truthfully I dont know....
8. Honestly, are you a good friend? I like to think so
9. Honestly is school important? yes
10. Honestly, what are your dreams mostly about? Sex, love, happiness
11. Honestly, what makes you happy most of the time? My niece...She can always make me happy...
12. Honestly, how happy are you now? Not Particularly. I am actually slightly irritated and lonely.
13. Honestly, what song are you listening to? I'm not.....The new's is on in my bedroom though-
14. Honestly, who do you want to see at this very moment? This guy......but i'm not about to name names...
15. Honestly, do you have a deadly disease? I sure as hell better not....then again after all the tests I've had over the last six months for all of my migraines...i'm 99% sure i'm completely free of any disease
16. Honestly, do you hate someone right now? nah - but theres a lot of folks i cant stand
17. Honestly, who/what do you wanna hug right now? My grandpa.....I just saw him a few days ago. But I miss him always.
18. Honestly, are you bored? Not particularly.
19. Honestly, who do you wanna slap right now? I dont have that urge right now however ask me a little later i'm sure someone will irritate me enough to want to slap them.
20. Honestly, wouldn't you rather be sexing right now? Well yeah....who wouldnt
21. Honestly, do you like someone? Yes....I do...
22. Honestly, are you single? Yes...yes I am.....for now :) But I am hoping to change that....not into marriage but something that's more meaning ful then a FB
24. Honestly, does anyone like you? I sure as heck hope so...
25. Honestly, have you had sex in the past 2 months? Yes....., within the last two weeks.

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