Wednesday, February 15, 2006


OK so tonight I got dumped....this is how it went:

ME: So tell me the truth. You said at one time that you knew within a month that you and Tami were not compatable yet you stayed in a relationship for over a year. What do you feel about us.
CJ: well, honestly, yes if i think about it i don't really see us having a long-term relationship. and when i say that, i mean living together or getting married someday. although i have to admit that you remind me of what i am looking for in more ways than she did. but it still doesn't seem like the perfect fit, you know?

CJ: so i guess the question is, if you know that already, should you even bother dating? and i think it's better to spend time with someone that can be your friend even if it's not completely a match than to just call it quits. but what do you think?

ME: I really dont know what to say

CJ: i know it's not the best situation, but i don't know the best way to deal with it. but we should both be on the same page

ME: you know what you want. i'm not it. obviously it's apparent.

CJ it doesn't mean i don't try to treat you well like you deserve. but i'm not going to lie to you and tell you i'm in love only to dump you suddenly because i found someone else

ME: I'm not in love with you. but i'm glad I didnt get attatched.

CJ i know so i guess it still comes down to that question. which would you rather do? continue sharing what we have or nothing at all? or something else

ME: I cant answer that right now.

CJ: okay, i understand and i want to do what's best for you. so we can talk about it later. it is bedtime for both of us now

ME: i dont even know what' sbest for me

CJ: i know, me neither

CJ: well go to bed and get some sleep. have a good night

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