Thursday, July 20, 2006

As I sit here

OK so i'm sitting here at work.
wondering what the world I am doing. I'm so lost in this darn claim i'm about to scream. Makes me wonder why people do things that they do.
I had a great weekend with the kids. Spent my Tuesday with my nieces and new step kids cleaning house and cuddling and watching TV. What more could I ask for. The kids were all in good moods and I got to end the night with my husband. On Wednesday I met my sister with all the kids in tow for coffee and then we had lunch at Denny's. It was good and the kids were great. After Denny's we took my hubby lunch and then off to ice skating. Jeffery took two laps around the ice rink holding onto the side of the rink and then finally ventured out on his own around the rink with my niece (who I think he still harbors some puppy love for more on this later). Ashley spent a lot more time around the edge of the rink however finally persevered and actually ventured across the ice a few times....although very very slowly. She still held on the majority of the rest of the time. But what can I say for first timers they were not too bad.

Now back to the Ashlynn/Jeffery thing. Back when Dennis and I were first dating we took the kids on a trip to Laughlin Nevada. Ashlynn and Jeffery pronounced at that time that they were Boyfriend/Girlfriend. Sheesh Dennis and I had been dating for three or four weeks at that time and had not made that announcement....let alone these two who had known eachother for about 36-48 hours...>Darn kids I tell ya! Anyways...Once Dennis and I got married....they learned...UH OH....they are now cousins....hmm makes it hard doesnt it. So jeffery told Lynn that he found another girlfriend last week....Not sure exactly what's going on with that...But hell it's cute anyways....

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