Friday, August 17, 2007

Who am I?

At 17 I became Catherine Tiffany, Wife of Travis Tiffany. The love of my life. At that time of my life I thought this union would last forever. God forgives, we should too. The bible says forgive 70 times 7. Which to us should mean an infinate amount of forgiveness, just as God has. Unfortunately, on Oct 27th, 2003 my world as I knew it crashed down around me. I was no longer Mrs. Travis Tiffany. I was the seperated wife. And a year later, I was then deemed and the EX-Wife. Here it is going on four years later. I cannot believe that it has been this long.

On June 30th, 2006 I got remarried I am now Mrs Catherine P*****. Wife of Mrs Dennis P*****. I still wonder how this is going to work out. Getting married so quickly after we met could not of been a good idea. We have many ups and downs. I love him but I'm afraid of loving him. I'm afraid of getting hurt like the first time. IS this fair to him? Probably not...actually I know it's not. I do not give my full self to him. How fair can I be to someone when i'm so afraid of losing everything all over again. I have two step children now. Do they deserve me to only be half of my former self. I do not know how to love endlessly anymore...

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