Sunday, August 10, 2008

Baby Ticker :)

It's all becoming so real. Each day I wake up and know that in so many days I will have a baby. A little tiny bundle of joy and energy that will require me to once again re-evaluate priorities and start changing my attitude! My step daughter is excited as heck that she's going to have a little baby or brother. So that she can play with the baby. I laugh because right now she loves seeing Ryleigh because well it's only every four or five days that she get's to see her and play with her and change her and feed her and things like that. but wait until she has to be part of the baby's life every day LOL..I wonder if she will quickly change her attitude. Jeffery wants a baby brother. but said he would gladly change diapers if it meant we got rid of his big sister...even if the baby is a baby girl LOL. I swear kid's say the darndest things. it's aftermidnight i'm going to bed. God bless and goodnight.


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