Monday, September 29, 2008


Married Survey



Do you live near your family, your spouses, both or neither? I live near my twin sister and Hubby's family
How often do you see your parents or siblings? I see my twin every two or three days my mom and dad every couple of months
How does your spouse feel about that? I'm sure the fact that I see my twin so much drives him nuts..but he understands
How many nieces and nephews do you have? I have Three Nieces and two nephews on my side of the family. And one niece and nephew on hubby's side.
Who were you closest to as kids out of your immediate family? My twin, and my Cousin sherene
Who are you closest to now? My twin and my cousin Sherene
Why? because we have always been close
Do you have any siblings who still have a little growing up to do? LOL nah we are all pretty good.
If you could save your younger brothers and sisters from a mistake you made, what would it be? I don't have any younger siblings
Who in your family can you talk to about anything at all? My twin


How many GOOD friends do you have? four or five
Have you had any falling outs with anyone you thought was your good friend? yes I have previously
Do you have as many friends now as you had in High School? I was shy and worked a lot so I have more now then back then.
Do you still party with your friends? LOL i'm a mother partying for me
What else do you do with them? Enjoy going out to dinner, Go to church..those kinds of things
Are you surprised at who your closest friends have turned out to be? Yes..actually..
Which of your friends has the most high paying job? Hmm...I actually think I do.
What about the coolest job? My friend Aerin
Whose life surprises you most? Aerin's
Which of your friends do you have the most in common with now? My twin


Have you ever had a problem with your in-laws? Nope
Which in-laws? any of them..
Do you get along with all of them? As much as can be expected..
Who do you like the best? My sister in law is awesome..does that count?
Who dont you get along with? his bio mom
Have you ever gotten into an argument with the one you dont get along with? nope
Did you forgive and forget? I usually do..
Who is the quiet one? I dunno much about his's best left that way
Who is the loud one? Dunno
Who is the daredevil? Dunno
Who is the most straightforward? Dunno
What do you like about your in-laws? Not much
Whats one thing you dont ever want to see them do? be near my children
Do they all get along with each other? I guess
When youre hanging out with them, what do they always seem to do? ignore the fact that Dennis and I and the kids are there
Do you join in? not normally.
Where do they mostly hang out? Home
Have you ever been talked about by them? i'm sure..
Do you still like them? Don't care either way.


Have you accrued any debt since turning 18? OH hell...who hasnt
What is your least favorite bill to pay? Credit Card payments
How often are you supposed to pay it? monthly (more on my work card)
How often DO you pay it? Monthly or more
What will your next major purchase be? a new washer more then likely..
Had to buy a washer and dryer yet? We bought a Dryer earlier this washer is probably going to be needed soon.
What about a dishwasher or a stove/oven? We just got a new Dishwasher a year just got installed..I love my dishwasher..
If someone gave you money to improve your life, what would you want fixed first? once the baby is born I would like to get a tummy tuck or something.
How many bills would you say you get every month? Too darn many
How do you feel about credit cards? I use them and thus I pay them


What is the first thing you look for in a place to settle down in? Comfort
Are you planning on staying where you live now? It's paid monthly payments on a house that's too small..better then paying rent to someone for the rest of my life
What do you like about where you live? Very little
What dont you like about it? It's too damn small for a family of four..soon to be five
If you could have all of your family and your spouses family in the same town, would you? Umm my family yes...his...hell can't we move them away farther (except for his bio dad's family..they are pretty nice)
How small is your town? not very..anymore
Whats the most fun thing to do there? not a darn thing
Does everyone there know you? nope
Name another place you think you would like to live. Colorado
Any place you would never want to live? New york


Do you have a first aid kit? Yeppers one in each car and one in the house
Do you know how to give CPR/First Aid? Yeppers..took a couple of classes :)
Ever had to use it? yeppers..once
What medicines do you always try to keep stocked? Tylenol, children tylenol, tummy stuff for adults and kids and cough syrup for adults and kids
Do you often get stress headaches? Unfortunately, yes I do
Do you carry jumper cables in your car? all three of them
Have you ever had to change a flat? yes I have...a couple of months ago..
Can you change the oil? Yes...
What about the battery? yes
Do you work in an office or other setting? other setting..I work from home now..but i've done the office thing for a long time
How long have you worked there? seven months now...
Do you like your co-workers? lol yeppers..I talk to them on the phone daily
Do you hang out with them outside of work? umm not really, we don't live very close by
What do you think of your boss? He's actually very nice and funny.
What age are you dreading? I'm not..
Do you already feel old? No not really..I'm pretty young yet
Do you still get carded for anything? I do..for alcohol and cigarettes
How young does it make you feel completing online surveys? lol it doesnt.
Did I wear your old ass out with all these questions? NO
Do you have arthritis in your old brittle fingers now? NOPE


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