Sunday, April 18, 2010

Seriously I know it's been a while since I've been active...But I promise I will try more

Since Sarah has been born. (well even think I blogged more when I was single) Life has been hectic. I love hectic with her around. This weekend we did a few different things. My step son went off with his paternal grandparents on a trip with a cousin. My step daughter went to my sisters house Friday night and Sarah was sick all weekend with tummy issues..let's just say what goes in..came out in explosive measures. ON Saturday my sister wanted to go bike riding. I have a trailer for Sarah so we went out to ride. Except the trail we wanted to ride was not good for her since she had my 4 year old niece on the back nor was it good for me trying to tow the trailer (which you can barely notice exists when riding on a street) So we ditched the trails and decided to head to Surprise and ride around the park there. It was great there were nice sidewalks to ride on and once we got the kids situated appropriately we had a great six miles. But then Sarah got Fussy and my niece Ryleigh wanted to play at the park and my nephew who is every high maintenance wanted out of the trailer. So I took them over to the playground and my Step daughter, older niece and sister went and rode another three miles.
Once we got back to my sisters house around 9pm we determined that Sarah had not had a really bad diaper all day (yippee since we had changed up to ten each day for the previous five days). So we gave her a little bit of food. And within five minutes...all heck broke loose and there was a trail running behind her. that was awesome to clean up!! YUCK!!
So my Step Daughter Ashley and I came home and finally decided to go to bed. We got up this morning and went to church and then went and picked up Jeffery and then went to lunch with my Aunt. We went to CiCi's Pizza. It was alright. Definitely not as good as I remember it from Missouri but the kids enjoyed it..and it's cheaper then taking them to McDonalds and letting them get adult value meals that they usually want. Darn it when did my kids no longer eat happy meals. Meals out with them have officially started costing a LOT LOT LOT more money. Now that Jeffery is 13 and Ashley is 12....They want adult meals. Darn kids growing up... I'm just not ready for this.
So after we ate with my Aunt Shirley and her daughter Jessica, we headed over to Wal Mart. I had to pick up a few things for dinner tonight (it's amazing how much stuff I don't need/want when I go to a store full of food already LOL) we got into the car and Sarah was out like a light. We got home and I had hoped she would go back to sleep so Momma could take a nap...that didn't happen. Gotta train that girl better.
So I played online a little, played with Sarah, played Wii with the kids..and now the kiddo's are all in bed. Hub's and I are in the living room...He's playing a hunting game on the Wii and here I sit.

Honestly..this has been a great weekend..and I'm very sad that in less than 45 will be over... and time for me to go to bed so I can go to work in the morning....

Thank you to those that prayed my baby girl would get better. As of right now it seems like she's feeling lot's better.

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