Sunday, November 21, 2004

tisket a tasket

I went out on a date today. Third one since my divorce. I'm so not versed in exactly what the things to do and not to do are yet. It's hard not talking about my ex and my "past" so to speak. So we talked about politics, religion etc...all those "taboo" subjects your not supposed to discuss. But if your not supposed to talk about those things then what in the world are you supposed to talk about....The weather???? I dont know if your supposed to hug or kiss or what to do when it comes to saying goodnight/goodbye. Oh well. Life goes on. he called me to say he enjoyed my company today...I assume that's a good sign. I swear dating ten years ago and dating now are two different things. I dont know what to think of people. Are you supposed to have sex on the first date? The tenth?? When do you know? when are you not considered a whore if you do? UGH>>>>life is confusing LOL


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