Friday, July 25, 2008

From Infertility to Fertility

For years I wanted a baby. My ex-husband and I tried very hard (me more so then him since I was the one getting all the procedures done!) And the stress and pain of infertility just killed our marriage (among other things). At that point I gave up ever hoping that I would have a baby of my own one day. I did not want to go thru that ever ever ever again. I didnt want my crazy compulshion to have a baby to run my life like I let it so long ago. When I got married my new husband had/has two children. It was a dream for me. I got to be a parent, no midnight feedings, no diapers. It was awesome. We never worried about a baby coming a long because...well...after years of fertility treatment, it just never happened.
Two years after I remarried...I was not feeling well. I could not move without my boobs hurting. It felt like I was going to start my period any day. I was not feeling good. I was tired and drained every day. So even against my better judgement I went ahead and tested....I was late for my period but heck I am usually never "normal" so I went ahead and tested...and there was two lines. TWO lines. What the heck. how could that happen? OK well i know how it happens honestly. but What!!! it just "happened" after allthese years of being told it WOULD NEVER happen.
OH thank God! Miracles do happen!

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