Monday, March 09, 2009

How is the economy affecting you?

My twin sister just found out last Thursday that she has lost her job. She was a manager at a book store and had been there for two years. They just came to her and said..Goodbye. What do you say to that? My sister is lucky though. She has a husband that owns his own business and he will be able to pay for the things the family needs. She will do fine with just her unemployment until she find another job.
This takes a toll on me too however. I used to stop by her work for lunch and we would enjoy a nice meal and now that's going to stop. We used to be able to go shopping (me normally window shopping her actually shopping) and that's going to stop. There is no more shopping going to happen.

I want my sister to be happy and she was not happy with the company she was working for. But it's still scary for her. and her family so for those out there that are able too. Please say a prayer that she is able to find a good job that is family friendly for her and her family.


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Cherie71 said...

I will definitely pray for your sister. The economy has not really affected us yet. I did lose my uniform allowance for the beginning of the year but since I am not really wearing uniforms right now, it really didn't change much. I was planning to buy two complete new uniforms with that money, but that plan will just be put off now. My uncle retired from DPS recently and actually sent me his brand new uniforms but I look like I am playing dress up in my Dad's clothes in his uniforms so I have to see if they can be altered to fit me. Clay and I are trying to be tighter with money and make sure we are not in debt at all JUST IN CASE!