Sunday, March 08, 2009

A real post...

Life has been quite different with a little seven pound baby requiring every second of my day to be regimented. She is so beautiful and so good. I am lucky that at night when I feed her she will go down for about four hours at a time. Unfortunately, she will wake up and want to fuss/be held, nurse for at least two hour's before going back down for three to four hours.

The kids love her and touch her and want to hold her and play with her. Unfortunately, there's not much anyone can do but me because I am breast feeding.

She is mine and she is beautiful.


krystal.hayward said...

Hey Catherine, it's me Krystal (the one who e-mailed you!) Is Brian your step-son? I understand how you feel about that, I worry so much about the boys (my step) playing outside with frogs and dirt and running in wanting to love all over the baby.. I'm also afraid that the youngest (He's 4) will decide he wants to be the baby again, and start acting like one. Have there been any changes with yours?

Cherie71 said...
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Catherine said...

Saw your comment on MckMama's site...congrats on your new baby! Enjoy these sweet early days, even though they are a challenge! Babies grow up so quickly!!

~ Catherine