Sunday, June 24, 2012

It's here it's here!!!!

Sarah's pump got here last week. It's an Animas Ping in blue. It is awesome. I cannot wait until Tuesday for the setup of the pump. I cannot believe that it's taken this long to get this taken care of.  Sarah is only 3 and doesn't really care too much either way I guess.  I have been sewing quite a bit lately and because I want Sarah to have pump pouches to keep her pump safely at her hip.  Here's some pictures. 

 The middle picture is Sarah wearing her new Princess Dress.  I made it from some fabric from JoAnn's.  I couldn't pass it up I knew she would love it.  It took me about 20 minutes to do it because it already had the elastic sewn in so I wouldn't have to do it myself :).

Please pray that Sarah does well on the pump for something that costs $ better be worth the frustration it took to get it!


adaynasmile said...

Hey Catherine! Love your pump pouch! I am actually googling for tips on how to make one for my own son who is type 1. He is 2 years old. We haven't gotten ours yet (still waiting for everything to process) but are also getting the blue animas pump. Very excited! I just wanted to share with you that I am part of a great group on facebook called diapers and diabetes. It is a closed group but if you are interested in joining just send a request. We are all mom's and dad's trying to figure this crazy disease out with our little ones. I wish you and your daughter the best of luck!

Catherine Pittman said...

Would love a invite to it. Please send it to