Sunday, August 19, 2012

An honor for my daughter

Today is the day that I laid down on a bed and allowed someone to push needles into my back for over an hour.  To honor my daughter. My beautiful baby girl that was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes over a year ago.  Each time I felt pain I thought to myself how painful the disease must be for her. Each day enduring 8-14 finger pokes.  Each day for the first year of her diagnosis getting 8-10 shots per day of insulin.  Now every 3 days getting the site changes that allow her to use an insulin pump to administer insulin every 3 minutes and each day of her life.  It is amazing to me how strong she is. So today I was strong.  But even at my strongest. My beautiful baby girl still sat next to the table where I laid and held on to mommy's hand.  She stroked my hair and loved on me as the needles sliced into my skin.  But every time I winced in pain she was telling me it was ok.  Much like I do for her. I am so blessed.  Blessed by a little girl who over a year ago was so skinny, fragile and lethargic you would not have guessed she was the same child she is now.  Every  minute of every day I think about what my daughter's life is like now.  It's hard to remember the short time of her life she didn't have diabetes.  In the not too distant future she will have diabetes for longer than she didn't have Diabetes.  I want to change my daughter's life.  We need a cure.  And we need it now.  Please think about donating to a great cause.  The cure for diabetes is needed.  Go to this link , Donate to a great cause.  The one that may save my daughter's life.  The cause that I hold so dear to my heart because I know that one day.  Somehow, Someway my daughter will have a cure.  


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