Saturday, September 06, 2014

So many ups and downs

Sarah is 5 now.  She's growing and growing and we are having so many ups and downs.  She's in Kindergarten!!! My baby girl is officially in real school.  Granted it's only half days 4 days a week. But it makes it easier to manage her diabetes.  She has been going low a lot lately and it's so frustrating.  So we go to the endo on Monday and we will hopefully be able to figure something out for the time that she's at the school.  She's getting to be more and more into doing everything by herself. She's putting herself to bed, she's managing her diabetes.  We are struggling a little bit because when she is high I am trying to keep her from eating junk.  But she is 5 she wants to enjoy life.

We got chickens and ducks and a rabbit a while back. I guess it's been almost a year now. We love having fresh eggs. Nothing tastes better. The rabbit is Sarah's and her name is Bella.  Bella comes out to eat and then goes back into hiding...apparently she's not a very active bunny.  But what can we say :)  She's cute..and white.  I love watching my chickens. But Lord are those damn ducks loud and obnoxious!! and the Roosters..>Why?? I want to eat them!!! :)

I have been working 60 hour work weeks. I am exhausted. Between middle of the night blood sugar checks and the getting up at 6 am and not home until 6 or 7 at night.

I need more hours in my week so I can get things done. We have been dealing with a lot of medical issues with my husband and then Sarah two weeks ago broke out into terrible hives.  She seriously was head to toe hives.  I was in tears seeing all the pain she was in.  We dosed her with benadryl but even two hours later she was still badly broke out so we took her to the hospital. They provided her with Pepcid as well as more benadryl.  She was still broken out the next morning but she slept better than she has in a long time. By the next day though she was fine.  I just hate that she continues to suffer so on Monday at 9 am we will be at the allergist...and at 2 the Endo.  The expense of this is just insane.  And it sucks :(  so it pisses me off because it's totally not fair.  When we finally get a little bit ahead... everything get's thrown at us and...we end up sitting there and struggling for a couple of months to get back again.  WHY people..>WHY... But I have faith that our Lord has something in it for us all.  Thank you Lord and Savior for all that you have given us.  We are so special to have your grace and love.

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