Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Do you have any idea what I've been through?

It's October 2016.

I'm twice divorced. Single mom. Full time employee and trying to figure life out.

Why isn't there a book for this?  Why am I feeling like I am stumbling through.
I'm kinda/sorta but NOT seeing a guy.  He is funny and nice and totally not interested in a relationship (thank God because I just could not go there right now in my life)
I'm trying to buy a house but trying to clear my credit after years of it being abused.
I'm tired...always tired.  I need to figure out a routine...get back to the gym..something..anything but it seems like the second I get done working it's time to feed the kiddo..get her ready for bed and then I have about two hours left to myself to get stuff done for me... Ya know..for me..like dishes...housework. laundry...emails.... Following up with Sarah's medical needs.

Stuff just doesn't slow down.  I am in a constant state of WTF in my life.
I went away for work in Georgia for two weeks and although I was busier than I ever am here at home... I slept beautifully... my poor sister however... was kind enough to watch Sarah and probably lost way more sleep than most aunts ever do :)

Life keeps charging on... i'm about to turn 37 soon..and all I can think is...  I don't feel this old.....

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