Friday, February 15, 2008

Killing someone?

I will never understand someone's desire to kill another peson. I have in the past thought about ending my own life....When I was going through a divorce I wanted to die. I thought my life was over. And then life moved on and I am as happy as ever. And lately we hear about things like the recent NIU shooting where Steven Kazmierczak someone who is close to my age, a college graduate with honors who decided to walk into a classroom and open fire killing so far six students. What the hell was this person thinking. He took the lives of innocent people. Why?
Although I have wanted to smack the hell out of someone out of their stupidity I have never thought of harming someoine physically beyond that. Who the hell does someone think they are..>That their life is so bad that theyu should take not only their ownlife but that of someone else. That is not fair to the people that are killed by them at all. If you are going to kill someone tell us why. Don't make us wait in pain and agony. The pain left behind we will never heal from. It is horrible and we will forever be jaded by it. If you feel the need to kill youself fine...but leave the innocent people out of it! For those mothers out there that want to kill themselves...fine..but don't kill your kids....

Stupid freaking people just piss me off :( It's just plain sad and disgusting.
I pray that the family members of each of those that are innocent are

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