Friday, February 08, 2008

Valentines Day...The day to make the world sad..

once a year like tax time, or your annual pap smear comes the day that is called valentines day.... do you feel bad yet??? no??? well you should because thats what its all about... unless your rich and taken

for those of you out there who are alone, single, widowed or for whatever reason have nobody. maybe you just want to forget but no chance of that this month unless you put a pick axe through your brain. the commercials are there to show you the presents and the attention you are sure not to be getting from that special no one.

are you taken??? well men, see those diamonds on TV and the happy women receiving them??? well you should feel bad for not buying one for your woman??? why??? because the commercial says so. does it matter that you treat her wonderfully? no . does it matter that you cant afford it? no! use a credit card.dont get me wrong, I have nothing against diamonds personally, they never cut me off in traffic or eat the last piece of pizza in the fridge, but they are an extravagance that people should not be pressured to feel bad about if they dont have the expendable money to waste on it.

Ladies who are taken, unless you are in highschool, this is a babyish holiday, seriously, you are a woman not a teen in a popularity contest to show off your trinkets. unless you landed a rich one, dont expect diamonds. be happy with the flowers that will die, believe me he over paid for those just to make you happy, or the candy or whatever he gets you. remember he had to go to a public place and buy this sappy girly stuff in front of other people. if that aint love, then what is?????

(I had to borrow this from my friend michelle. she's just friggin awesome...

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