Tuesday, December 16, 2008

71 more days..oh and a funny story

I'm sitting in my chair. with my laptop in front of me. Emily (the kitten!) is sitting on my boobs/stomach area.
Sarah started kicking.
Apparently she doesnt like Emily sitting on her. So Sarah kicked real hard and the cat just jumped up. For a second I was just laughing. and then sarah kicked again. Then the darn cat POUNCED on my stomach. Dennis does this thing where he will put his hand under the blankets and antagonize the kitten to no end. And the kitten will attack his hand and inevitably it ends with Dennis going OOOOUUUCHHHH she bit me!! cause she's got sharp teeth and claws.

So you can imagine what I did when she pounced by belly. Darn kitten and kid are already playing...they just dont know :)

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