Saturday, December 27, 2008

The nights after Christmas..and all thru the house....

All of the creatures are stirring..however we got rid of the mouse.

We got the kids a Wii for Christmas..or well Santa got the Wii (why does the fat guy in red get to give the GOOD gifts) I have to say it is the most LOVED gift in the house. Brian (the roommate) never touches any of the other games like the PS2 or anything like that. However even HE will get in on the action and play.
We bought on extra Wii-mote and nunchuck however, we are going to have to invest in two more..we are definately not a sharing family LOL :)
The kids are definately getting exercise LOL :)

My niece also got a Wii at her house so when she came to spend the night last night she brought us her two wii motes and that allowed us all to was much easier then sharing :) So alas... after payday happens again we will have to invest :)

Update on being preggers :)

I am tired, I am grumpy. I am not sure why I am as grumpy as I have been. Really there is a lot of stress and I am really quite frustrated. I think it's mostly because things are not going my way. ie: there is none of the things I always wanted for my first child ie: nursery, her own decorations etc. We are going to have to squeeze everything in to the room with the kids, the baby will have to share everything etc.
But it will work out. God has a plan I know that much. I really need to si back and relax and try to enjoy it..cause once she's here..things are really really going to change....


Anonymous said...

I was frustrated when I was pg with my first because we couldn't afford nursery decorations, all the extras, etc. We just had the basics. But you'll be surprised how quickly those things come to be totally he's 13, and I can't imagine why I cared if I had a diaper genie or a changing table that matched the crib! I hope this encourages you, which is my intention.

Anonymous said...

I have already threatened Clay within an inch of his manhood if I don't get new stuff for my baby. I am in a totally different situation than you as I already have an empty room (and I know space is the biggest part of your problem right now). I agree with what you said, just relax and enjoy your new daughter. Those "things" seem so important right now but when your daughter is older she will not remember whether she had a color coordinated nursery with all the cute things you want. I know YOU want them but...... you are right... God has a plan for you, Sweetie!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Rest as much as you can! And enjoy the wii- I hear they are so fun!