Thursday, January 15, 2009

41 Days left!!!

Can everyone just believe I have 41 days left. I cannot believe it. I'm sitting here looking at what we have. (Which is NOT much) and OMG I need so many things. I am so excited though. I had an emergency trip to the L&D on Monday night. Little Sarah decided to STOP moving for almost a full day. I could not figure out what in the world was wrong. I kid you not the second I sat on the table and relaxed and the hooked up the baby monitor...THE KID MOVED...ALL OVER THE PLACE...what a rugrat LOL :) so now... She's been moving. I guess when I am severely dehydrated, she will slow down moving. So I have been averaging about 6 bottles of water a day and then some other fluids.

My baby shower plans are well on their way. I am so excited. I have lot's of friends coming from all over Arizona and I cannot wait to meet with them as I've been so busy with work and everything I have not had time to connect with them all.

So this baby not only nets me the one little thing I have been wanting for years and year. I now get to have Sarah and get to meet up with all my friends. and although many of them will not know eachother...I get to be their connection :)
Oh and we get to watch my sisters new 62" flat screen TV LOL

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