Sunday, January 25, 2009

31 days and counting down

I'm so excited. My shower is just two weeks away. The baby should be here in about four weeks. How much more excited can I get? I start my weekly dr's appointments on Tuesday. On Wednesday I am going to be officially 9 months pregnant. WOW. it's all rushing up on me all of a sudden!

I will finally take a belly photo since I finally look less fat and more pregnant which makes me happy. Well it did until some little girl goes. MOM that woman is FAT.....when I was walking into Wal Mart the other day. I was almost in tears.

I know i'm fat. but darn it..I'm almost 9 months pregnant too!!!


x said...

Oh no she di'nt! I hope her mom didn't let her get away with that.

Good luck with your shower!

Cat@3KidsandUs said...

Oh my gosh, when you say 31 days that sounds so much closer than 4 weeks.