Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Ornament traditions

When I was growing up my grandparents would buy us a new ornament every year..Imagine doing that for 6 grandkids!! When I was 17 I got married and moved to Missouri, That Christmas my grandmother shipped off all of my ornaments and a new one too! I loved those ornaments. They were the most special things in the world to me. There were some that were just cheap dollar store type with my name written in Sharpie on the bottom, and there is one that is so elaborate that it makes me giggle with glee when I see it. When I turned 24 my ex husband and I divorced…He destroyed all but one of them (the elaborate one happened to have a piece broke off so I had put it in a box and stashed it away in the thought that I was going to fix it then pack it back with the Christmas stuff) Here it is five years later. I cried two years ago when I purchased a tree and realized I had absolutely no ornaments to put on it. My best friends from Texas were thoughtful enough to actually purchase a bunch of them and send them to me for Christmas of 05…My first Christmas alone. This year when my new step children and I were putting up the tree (I’ve been married for over two years, we just didn’t put up a tree the last two years) I cried for an hour because I love these new ornaments just as much….That’s not to say I don’t want to punch my ex in the mouth for what he did to the other ones. But these new ones are so special. So I think everyone should have this tradition and their children will hopefully love and cherish these ornaments as much as my twin sister, brother and cousins all do.

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