Thursday, January 27, 2005

My day...

Sometimes....I just need a reminder that God is here for me..... Thankfully today I"m in a better mood.

Here is what's been going on this week..

Tuesday morning I'm awakened at eight thirty in the morning by the ex. He decided he wants into the house. WHY????? I dunno. But by law I have to give him a key or he can go ahead and call a locksmith then what? We would get into what my attorney called a "pissing contest"not the greatest language I know but I know what she means. I'm to the point where I cant handle the stress anymore. SO I went over to the old house and left a key where he could find it and left him some paperwork he needed to sign for the mortgage company to not foreclose on us. Well I couldn't stress myself anymore on Tuesday so I went ahead and waited until Wens morning and went over there. Praise God he did not do anything to the house except take the tires out of the garage which is what he wanted in the first place. No big deal there. I needed to get rid of them anyways. So after I'm done at the old house yesterday I think OH DARN I didn't get that paperwork he was supposed to leave so I run back into the house and look around....NO PAPERWORK!!!!!!!!!! I'm supposed to have it mailed back to the mortgage company ASAP!!!!!!! so I call his answer....I text message answer....get frustrated..but call the mortgage company and tell him that I'm sending a copy of it with MY signature on it and I'm fighting w/ the ex to get the other signature. He tells me no problem as long as mine is on there..but try to get his. so I wake up this morning (I swear the ex KNOWS when I'm dead asleep!!!) to his text message on my cell phone saying the paperwork is in the mailbox. So I go ahead and since my roommate was already over by the old house I ask her to pick it up. She does it for me for which I'm thankful and get that one mailed to the mortgage company as well today. Why...someone please tell me. Can he not make this any EASIER for me???????

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