Thursday, August 25, 2005


OK so if anyone would like to reply I'd appriciate it....

How is it that men seem to not know how to say "i'm not interested" so i've been seeing this guy or WAS seeing this guy. No big deal. After a while though when i'd call he would call back like every fifth call or not answer text messages etc...So i'm like OK i'm gonna catch a clue here..and I quit calling him and everything....but here's the deal..why can a man just say "i'm no longer interested i'm sorry" or something like that. Is it really that hard? I mean I give that concession if I date a man a few times and i'm not interested.....guess what.... I'M NICE AND I TELL THEM I'M NO LONGER INTERESTED!!!!!!!!!!!!! argh!!! is it that hard!!!!!!!!

I swear I want to give up...but like i've always said

" Men....Can't live with em....and Sex is no fun without them......"

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