Sunday, November 23, 2008

Not Me Monday many people are doing this now days I guess I can chime in to.

I most definately did not sleep late every day this week, nor did I take full advantage of the fact that I work from home in order to work in my PJ's until the last minute.

I most definately did not find a kitten at the store Thursday night when hubby and I went to Pets Mart to look for fish for the kids' fish tank and then end up getting said kitten.

I most definately did not feed said kitten fish off of my dinner plate on Friday just because I knew she would eat it.

I most definately did not take my nieces, and kids to the Costco and let them try samples of everything including the coffee samples just to let them have some fun.

I did not allow the above mentioned kitten to sleep on top of me last night and the night before. And she is not sitting on my baby tummy right now kneading it with her paws..trying to get comfy. While I feel the baby kicking at her.

I did not allow said kitten to terrorize my 90 lb German Shepard/Blue Heeler all weekend.

I did not sleep until TEN am this morning and then at four pm take a two hour nap. And I am not now up after midnight..watching family guy.

Goodnight everyone :)

and here's a picture of that kitten I did not get form PetsMart

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Anonymous said...

You are a goofball! I did not even know you had a blog ALL this TIME!!!! I am gonna follow you now!!! LOL... girl you cannot compare wrecks with me, I wrecked a police car so badly they put it in the statewide newspaper!!!! When you get your wreck in the newspaper, you let me know.. :o)