Friday, November 14, 2008

Whale Wars

OK so we have been watching a show on Animal Planet a show called Whale Wars.
This is a show about some activits that board Whaling ships in the Antartic waters and they consistantly throw stuff at the Japanese ships (some kind of acid that stinks really really bad) and they push stuff into the path of the ship in the hope that they will tear up the rotors of the ship etc. To me that is just nuts. Granted I can understand that people want to act out against whaling, however to try to hurt people like that, and then say that you are not a pirate is just ignorant. You try to destroy another boat, you board it with the intent of "teaching someone a lesson" you are a pirate. YOu have no right to board the ship.
In the show tonight the Japanese took the people that boarded their ship and basically tied or handcuffed the guys. So the people on board of the "sea Shepard" which is the activists boat. Anyways they basically call what I guess would be the coast guard in that area saying that they have taken them hostage and that they are keeping them against the war. Well to the Japanese ship, these two people that boarded the ship are Pirates. They are there to take over, to be hostile.
So the Activists run their boat up against the side of the the Japanese Ship and start throwing the acid again. Then they get pissed off when the Japanese start throwing flash bombs. Anyways. I just think this is ignorant. These people are activists that are being idiots. I'm not a whaler, I love watching them in the wild open. However for people to be violent towards whalers that are (under their guise anyways) doing what is right under the laws of that part of the ocean... Even GreenPeace has kicked the guy that runs the Sea Shepard from their organization (He was one of the founding members of Green Peace!!!) So that should tell you something.

Anyways. Just my rant...

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Daddy Files said...

I started watching this show as well, and I agree with you. While no one likes to see whales (or any animal) slaughtered, what the Japanese are doing is technically legal. What is NOT legal is what the crazy Sea Shepherd folks are doing.

When Greenpeace kicks you out, that's when you might want to rethink some things.