Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Sad day

Today is a sad sad day. As I sit here and it was just announced that Barak Obama....has won the presidential election. This marks the opportunity for our world to sure change...and unfortunately, I do not believe it will be very good. McCain lost because so many were so desperate to vote in a black man, they did not care who they voted in. Hillary would have been a better choice.
The sad part is for many who own guns, you better start tucking them away and hope and pray that no one knows that you have them.

Whatever our difference...We are fellow Americans....

I hope and pray that this doesnt totally change the way our economy is, or how our daily lives are led. That we do not have a total breakdown in our social system, This is goign to be quite an interesting four years...

Now please do not think that I was/am a McCain supporter, but I definately do not believe in all the things that Obama has agreed on, Obama believes in partial birth abortion, taking away guns from a man who should have the right to bear arms. etc etc....How sad..

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