Friday, February 27, 2009

A baby story

OK so the birth of Sarah Elizabeth Rene Pittman did not go exactly as planned. Here is the much as I can remember anyways...

Dennis and I arrived at the hospital at a little after 11pm for my induction. They had us go straight to Labor and Delivery. We were immediately walked into a room and asked to undress.. So on goes the hospital gown...and out went all modesty lol. Around midnight they put in my IV and started putting a bunch of bracelets on me.
A little after midnight I talk to my sister and tell her I will let her know when to come but since i'm only at a 3...there's no use in her coming to sit thru all of that and for her to go ahead, take a shower and go to sleep. Around 12:30 they put in the cervadil (cervex ripining gel) Everything was fine and dandy...until about half an hour later. When the pain began. Apparently not only does that stuff supposedly ripen your cervex, it makes the contractions start. I was in so much painby four AM that I could could not take it and asked for something to dull the pain. I don't remember the name of the drug...but it was good...and all I remember was asking if it was supposed to make me feel dizzy. I fell asleep so fast I don't remember her answer. I do however remember that the drug made me feel good and the pain went away and apparently made me slow down my breathing so they put me on oxygen at that point.
Sometime around six AM my sister came to the hospital and sat with me. I remember being dizzy and not real talkative. I know Dennis was joking around and I was not nice at all. Being in labor was not one of my greater points in life.

I don't remember what time the doctor came into break my water but I was only at a 3-4 cm at the time which was horrible after being in active labor for seven hours at the time. The doctor broke my water and OMG I was in so much pain I was crying I remember Dennis coming over and holding my hand and telling me I could squeeze his hand and he kissed me but it hurt so darn bad. It was miserable. While they were breaking my water they were also putting in the monitors for my contractions and the baby's heart rate.

Once the water was broke, I was begging for the epidural. They got Dr Black in and I was literally having contraction after contraction and felt like I was dying. Once the epi was placed however I was still feeling the pain. Supposedly because of the drugs I was on and the epidural, my blood pressure was quite low and they couldnt give me anything else. Honestly at that point I just wanted it over with!! LOL. But I wanted my baby. after laying in the bed and shifting onto my left and right side off and on, they huddled in the corner. I knew there was somthing wrong since the last two times I had moved to my right side, Sarah's heart rate plummeted below 100. That was a huge problem obviously... So...the nurse Lori rushed off and called the doctor. She came back within ten minutes..she had two pieces of paper in her hand. I knew right then and was about to be over..and it was not going to be the way I wanted it to be.

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