Friday, February 20, 2009

Kinda Ticked

For the the last six months or so we have had a few issues going on. Granted i know the kids are pre-teens and there are going to be issues. I am sitting here fuming. I am sick and tired of having to tell the kids over and over again what they need to do every single day. I have to tell them to shower, do your chores, stop fighting with your sister, stop picking on your brother, pick up your socks, do your homework, Why did you scribble on your homework instead of do your homework? etc etc.

Jeffery has taken to being a complete liar no matter what it is.. Something stupid, something totally wrong etc. It's so darn frustrating. He has one chore which is to clean the bathroom sink. I know he didn't do it, I can see the toothpaste in it from earlier in the I ask him if he washed the sink...Uhh Yeah. OK a seocnd you want to check and make sure that you cleaned the sink PROPERLY...I DID IT CATHY!!! (said in the most irritating voice possible) I walk in there...ask him..uhh Jeffery..why if you cleaned the sink is there toothpaste in the sink (he's the culprit by the way that LEAVES it in the sink which is a huge pet peeve and why he has sink duty anyways!) His response is always...I don't know I cleaned it!! in a nice whine. His other chore is to dump the trashes throughout the house. Every single day I have to go down the list..Did you dump the trash in the kitchen...bedroom...your room...porch(the back porch is where the washer/dryer is and the trash can NEVER get's dumped for some reason) eighty percent of the time he has only dumped one of the trash cans...never ALL of them... I don't get it..the chores are not that hard. All told it would take me about five to ten minutes to do ALL of his chores..but the way they do their chores it takes them an hour or so... GRR.. His third chore is to crush cans.. The kids are the one that benefit from this chore. They crush the cans, put them into the trash can... and every few months we take them to be recycled and the kids get the money from it. But honestly..he goes and HIDES teh darn cans. WHY bother hiding them it takes mroe of an effort to hide them then step on them!! GRR.

But Ashley is the same way, she sweeps stuff underneath the kitchen table so she doesnt have to clean it up. She leaves all the dishes for everyone else to clean up herself even though it's her chore to load the dishwasher. Rather then actually emptying the dishwasher she piles dirty on top of clean dishes.

How in the world do I get these kids to take responsability???
Then again..Since Dennis doesnt get onto them to do their chores or anything, that's probably why I have to yell scream and throw a tantrum in order for them to do anything and even then unless i'm standing on top of them, they do it half assed.

I'm so frustrated..i'm about due to give birth and so ANGRY and frustrated and tired and just plain PISSED off about having to be the only person in this house that parents. and when I attempt to parent...I get called a bitch...

I need a drink.
I need my baby to be here.
I need a vacation with just me and my baby.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I would give you a hug if I were with you since that is pretty much all I can do. You are aware of what is going to have to happen eventually and just reluctant to take that step. Its up to you how your life continues to go, Cath. Love ya!!! Still waiting to hear if that baby is here yet!