Monday, February 09, 2009

OK what else do I need?

As far as my baby shower this past weekend I got all of the big stuff I really need.
Now I am down to what of the little things do I need?

I know I need the following :

Baby Bath Towels (obviously optional)
Blankets (at least 5 more)
Bottles (8-10)
Cloth Diapers (for burp rags)
Swaddling blanket?
Cradle sheet (if available)
Baby Tylenol
Baby gas relief
EAR thermometer
Laundry soap
Nasal aspirator

OK now I know I have enough clothes for her and the things above are needed, But can anyone else think of what I need? Anything? Cause I am clueless..

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Cat@3KidsandUs said...

Instead of mittens, just pick up extra socks. They fit over the hands much better and don't go to waste, socks a good for months.

For nails, we've always found an emery board to file them down worked much better than clippers and no risk of snipping skin.

Receiving blankets are cheap and great for swaddling, burping, cleanup, etc.