Thursday, April 09, 2009

I cannot believe it's been six weeks.

I know they say that kids grow up too fast. But umm..I'm not really ready for this. I want, no NEED my baby to stay small. I love how I can cuddle her and love on her for hours on end. She has great control over her head now, she smiles and OMG I think my heart melts every time I see that smile.
She hit another smile yesterday too...She actually laughed.. I mean smiled and laughed out loud. I could not believe it. I had to go for my six week check up and when I was checking out the girls wanted to see her so I took her out of her car seat and we were standing there and I was talking to her because she was talking/babbling to me and all of a sudden she started laughing. I was surprised. She actually laughed. It was sooo darn cute. Also she is also smiling when you play with one of her rattles. I don't know who bought it for us but it was a baby shower gift and it's a horse I guess you could say that is pink (breast cancer awareness) and rattles and if you pull on the hanging thing it vibrates and she get's a huge HUGE kick out of it. I just love it.
Here are some photos from yesterday and today...


Cat@3KidsandUs said...

Wow, she has gotten big quickly. That makes me so sad because that means Emma is right behind her, growing up.

Meagan Francis said...

oh my goodness--she is precious! Clara just turned four weeks and I can't believe she'll be doing THAT kind of thing so soon. You are right--it goes by WAY too fast. And I know that already, but for some reason this time I'm having a harder time accepting it!