Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pissed off

Today I was in the shower...and I look up and see HELP ME inscribed in the shower wall. WTF. I called my husband into the bathroom while I was still in the shower...
My husband went directly to my son who is notorious for doing stupid crap like that. So... My husband calls my son in it and what does he do..he lies. So he lies again. I call him on it and he lies.
So finally my husband explains that if he is lying, and we find out Ash did not do it (she's at church with some friends and thus we cannot question her) that he will get in trouble no atter what cause then we will know he is just continuing to lie to us. So finally after almost an hour my husband asks him again if he wants to continue in the lie or be honest. Finally the little fool is honest. But WTF...why lie if you did it? Why lie at all? And furthermore..>WTF!!! Why the heck did you do this? What reason did he have to write HELP ME on the darn wall (he inscribed it with a push pin he's 12 years old we should not have to take all sharp objects away from him!!)
Finally i'm done though. I"M done with the lying, with him deliberately destroying things. A couple of weeks ago we were leaving to go to vegas when we found out that he bit two kids at school. so he got punished and didnt get to go..but in all of that we found out that he cut the girls pants and jacket that she had on two days before. So he's just being a destructive SHIT HEAD. and i'm done with it. i'm so tired of trying to reason with a child that just doesnt give a flying F!!!
Honestly if anyone has any idea how to get him to stop lying and just friggin be honest~!~~~please let me know..

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