Tuesday, September 20, 2005

If I had a million dollars

OK so I have a hard time figuing out what to use as a title half the time. So what the hell...

I was driving home the other night...In lovely five o'clock traffic (which leaves whole helluva lot of time to think!). Anyways. I was driving home thinking about my life. My accomplishments, my family, and the people i've been with in life. There are so few people in my life that I could ever think back on and know that I wouldnt change a thing about our "relationship". Sounds silly I know. I did finally come to the realization that I am finally (thank GOD!) over my ex. LOL two years after we became seperated. I'm happier. Dont get me wrong I have my regrets. But I went on a date a few weeks ago (ok we had drinks I dont think that quite qualifies as a date I dunno...remember i'm knew to this) anyways we went out and talked and kissed and fooled around...and for the first time ever I didnt think of my ex once.....hea it's a step in the right direction!!