Friday, September 23, 2005

Racism in 2005!!!! Sheesh!

OK so it's not much longer...and I shall be moving in to my own place...Isnt that great. I will finally for the first time ever live in an apartment that's all mine. I'm not so sure how much i'll enjoy it though's gonna possibly be lonely..>Wonder who my first visitor will be. I hoped for J** however....Now I dont know. i'm assuming that since he got back from his trip he's been busy with his new toys and therefore doesnt even care I exist. I swear men......amuze me.

So I went on a date the other night. Someone please tell me when it is ok for a man to make a rude racist comment on a first date!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This young and obviously well to do black man and his caucasian wife walk in together with their young child (obviously mixed) We are at a restraunt that is not HIGH end but high enough up there where I wouldnt be going myself cause i'm not into snooty places but apparently the guy wanted to impress me. Anyways so I am eating my shrimp ( Yes I ordered low priced on the menu i'm not a bitch) and this family walks in and is seated probably twenty feet from us. The guy goes "Dammit it's people that like fucking N*****s that is ruining the white blood of America" "You cant just breed people like that out of the white mans blood".......My jaw just dropped. Here I am sitting dressed on...thinking it was going to be a good meal. I comment to the effect of it's life and it's a choice and I dont see a problem with it. It's not for me but my entire family is full of mexican, asian and i'm sure somewhere in there black. But this guy just starts going on and on how we have to preserve the white race and that since i'm blonde haired and blue eye'd I should understand.

I was aphalled. If this is what dating is going to be. I think i'll stick with Fuck Buddies and friends. I got up and left the restraunt. I couldnt just sit there and let him think I was alright with his attitude or I thought it was ok to be a bigoted PRICK!!!!. Someone please tell me when this became an acceptable attitude. I went home and ate spaghetti O's.....tasted better then the damn shrimp did after that jackass ruined my meal...............