Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Looking for love in all the wrong places

So I wonder if I'm an idiot or just unlucky in love.

I met a guy. I enjoyed our first "date" as well as the second meeting and third too. But is it just me or do men have their own time table and only they are allowed to make the plans? It's like he has time for me when it's convienent for him only. He's not interested in me I guess for anything but that three letter word....let me give you a hint..it starts with an S and ends with an X.

I dont know what to think about the male population anymore. I want friendship and love and cuddling etc..But apparently from what i've been told i'm fuckable however not datable. I am fully aware that i'm overweight. I know i'm not attractive to all men. But I dont want just any man. I want a man who wants me for who I am not anyone else. I'm working on loosing weight. I wont be fat forever. So what when I do finally loose all the weight people wont date me because i'm skinny?

I'm not looking to change for someone unless it's a change for the better. After seven years of marriage I found myself. I dont necissarily love every aspect of my life. But I am who I am and that's all I can be. I dont want a replay of what happened two years ago. I'm over the divorce. and i've now moved on with my life. I can truthfully say i've had a few days where i've not thought of my ex at all...Good days are ahead..now if I could just find someone to share them with......