Friday, September 23, 2005

My birthday's coming up.......damn that sucks...

OK so i'm up at ten fourty PM and I have nothing else better to do on a Friday night then to sit here and type in my blog. I'm chatting with some friends online but. Sheesh how pitiful am I :P. Anyways. Wanted to respond to an email I received today.

I am 25 almost 26. For the last three years my birthday has been HELL. my 23rd my best friend killed himself. my 24th my ex asked for a divorce and my 25th I received my 26th will be spent in court..........Is there ever going to be a good birthday for me?????I want a real birthday with cake and romance and feelings...NOT just sex and lust..but fun and love and .....damn i'm a romantic and a Christian so I dont sleep around..that destroys' all semblance of just going to get laid.

HURUFMPH ok it's past my bedtime. i'm going to get to bed..have to work OT tomorrow WHOO HOO Over twenty bucks an hour allllll day tomorrow...


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