Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Out on the Lake today

ok so I went out on the lake today with a friend..... Saw a beautiful full rainbow...if I'd of been less occupied I would of snapped a picture of it.... So in all it was a nice day. Worked six hour's of Overtime today...two and a half yesterday and tomorrow...will be another two and a half...Yes i'm hoping for a REALLY nice Oct 15th paycheck.. Thats' what i'm using to hopefully move out of my sisters house!

Oh and Lake Pleaseant was very Pleseant and on a Tuesday afternoon...there's darn near no one there LOL but I think that has to do with people at school....my niece however was sufficiently TICKED when she found out I went out on the boat without her lol Now I can rub that in LOL and she hates it :)

Anyways...Please for everyone who know's me and my twin say a prayer for her as she's having problems with this pregnancy as well. We dont know what's going on but as in everything else in our lives...God's will, will be done...

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