Friday, October 07, 2005


I got home today and my grandparents were home. It's been since June and the goodbyes at the cemetery since i've seen them. Not much has changed. I miss them a lot and wish they lived closer. I cant move to California however. So we did discuss them moving out here. That would be interesting. I love them and would love for them to live closer. However since my uncle's suicide back in June my grandmother has definately become neurotic. I wonder sometimes if shes going to end up like my great grandmother w/ alzheimers. I pray that she doesnt. But I wonder as I know it can be passed down.

My grandfather is as quiet as ever. Barely says' a word unless spoken too. He does however stand up for the underdog and he is heard when he has something to say. Gawsh I love that man!! HE means the world to me. I pray every day that he will be in my life another day. So far so Good (Thank you Lord!)

We went to Macayo's and had dinner. Offered to pay but I dont think my grandparents have ever let anyone pay.

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