Saturday, July 16, 2005

Go to bed!

OK so it's one thirty in the morning. I just got done reading a book. For those that know me..I can blow thru a book in a few hour's if everyone would leave me alone :) So I read a book tonight..Quite interesting. It was on divorce and remarriage and the biblical aspects of it all. Definately an eye opener. I've thought a lo tabout what I want lately. Although i'm not going to spill my guts on here since who knows who's reading this. I'm glad that i'm free of the entanglment I had back in Missouri. I'm glad that i'm moving on with my life. Who know's maybe i'll find a person who will love me exactly the way I am. And wants me to love them unconditionally... It amazes me how much harder life has become since i've become single..but in a way. life is also so much more simple and relaxed compared to what it was's past my bedtime. Hopefully i'll get to go see Charlie and the Chocolate factory this weekend. I text messaged a friend to see if he wanted to go...Now let's work out plans :P


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