Thursday, July 14, 2005

Good Morning

So. It's a Thursday morning. I'm not quite used to this new shift yet. I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday. I'm used to being off on Wednesday so I woke up a little confuzzled this morning. No big deal. I love my new shift. Used to be when I lived in Missouri and worked this shift I'd go to bed at two or three am and wake up at ten thirty and get ready and rush out the door at eleven fifteen. Now I wake up at around seven or seven thirty and get up get online and get some stuff done around the house or just relax...much less stressful then running ninety to nothing trying to get to work on time. The only stressful time is attempting to get my darn niece to HURRY UP! She doesnt like to shower and get dressed and everything and it drives me insane. She's kinda lazy in that respect however she's seven so apparently that's normal.

Anyways on the dating front...nothing going on really. But I think what i'm going to do is take some time out of my life for me. I need to be happy with myself before anyone is going to be happy with me. :)


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