Tuesday, July 12, 2005


OK so this has been a somewhat slow week. Spent the day with my niece. Went out on a date again. New guy...Pretty nice however I dont know. I'm wishing the person I want to "exclusively" date would pull his head out of his...well you know...but it seems like seeing him once a month is good for him. A little frustrating if you ask me but alas..apparently this is how the whole "dating" thing works LOL.

I talked to a friend yesterday. He pretty much put me in my place. He told me that even though it's been almost two years since my seperation that i'm still playing the victum. Also that my attitude stinks... I complain a lot to him that i'm lonely and that it sucks being single. He advised me that no one is ever going to want a woman who cant entertain herself and who has to have a man in her life in order to be happy. So i'm pulling up a new outlook on life...No more poor me attitude and no more Oh life sucks kind of attitude. I'm putting a postive spin on my life from here on out. Let's just hope it works. My attitude has stunk. I've blamed a lot of my current problems on my divorce and my mother but from here on out...what happens in my life...my happiness...my attitude is all me. A reflection of me. No more blaming someone that my life sucks cause of them. :)


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